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Our mission is to provide a full-service automotive repair facility for Abilene and its surrounding communities in Taylor County and Jones County.  As the collaborative effort began, it brought together this unique group of professionals with over 100 years of experience in the automotive industry.

Doug Norton - Service Advisor

Doug Norton

Service Manager

Doug has been in Abilene for 17 years.  He began with Miers Automotive in April 2019 as a service advisor.  Doug has been in the automotive industry for 9 years.  His experience ranges from sales to service.  He has a broad knowledge of vehicles and the repairs and maintenance it takes to keep them on the road.  He brings a new fresh outlook to our business for both service and technology.

Cody Kamer - Technician

Cody Kamer

Technician/Suspension Specialist

Cody was born and has lived in Abilene all his life.  Cody has been with Miers Automotive for 5 years beginning at 4M Autoplex in 2014 and moving to 4M Auto Service when we opened in April 2015.  He began in service as an oil change technician and has moved up to a technician in those 4 years.  Cody’s main concern is getting customers an honest evaluation and informing them of all concerns that need to be addressed to get the vehicle in the best possible condition it can be.

Glen Reimann - Technician

Glen Reimann

Certified Diesel Technician

Glen came to Abilene in 1989.  He joined the Army after graduating from High School and after getting out of active military in 1989, joined the Texas Army National Guard.  Glen served on active duty in the Army for 9 years, including tours abroad.  His service in the National Guard also including service abroad.  Glen retired from the military in 2006 and became a full-time auto technician.  He had worked as a technician for the time he was in the National Guard.  Glen is a Master Certified diesel and gas technician.  His experience and knowledge bring a level of expertise to assist in the diagnosis and repair of all types of vehicles.

Shawn Treul - Technician

Shawn Treul


Shawn has lived in Texas all his life.  Shawn joined the Marine Corps when he was 26 years old and served as active duty for 5 years. After leaving the Marines, he became a communication tower technician and worked throughout the United States.  He began his automotive repair career in 2009 when he attended WYOTech and studied auto repair and hot rodding.  Shawn has been in the auto repair industry since that time.  He began with Miers Automotive in April 2019.  Shawn adds great knowledge to our team of electrical systems diagnosis, vehicle upgrades, and customization. 

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Our customers know they'll receive the best possible service at a fair price every time they trust us with the repair and maintenance of their vehicles. From an oil change to an overhaul, whether it is the family vehicle or the company's fleet, Miers Automotive Service will do the job right... the first time, every time. Thank you for the opportunity to earn your business.